Traditionally, the Thorthu or Kerala traditional bath towel is a humble background actor in Malayali bathrooms, cupboards, kitchens and is reminiscent of the agrarian lifestyle in Kerala. 

From working the lush green paddy fields, to harvesting coconuts. From moving hot utensils on a traditional wood fire to wiping faces after a hearty Sadhya. One cannot count the number of Thorthu towels that have been packed in suitcases of different sizes, to be sent all over the world. This multi-purpose Kerala towel is truly a part of the Malayali identity and is becoming friends with cultures across the world.

This has also brought a facelift. The Thorthu is changing it’s iconic white and red band appearance and is creatively trying to capture the Malayali spirit.  

At Cananor Guild, we pride in bringing two great pieces of the Malayali tradition together. The humble Thorthu Bath Towel is becoming Onam ready. 

The Waffle Bath Towels at Cananor Guild capture the spirit of Onam through brilliant embroidered blossoms. 

It’s a great way to cherish your loved ones during the 10 days of Onam. If you have overnight guests and place a tidy stack of waffle weave towels in their bathroom or bedroom, you’ll appear impossibly chic, international but with the essence of a Malayali Thorthu. A great piece of nostalgia for your everyday.

The Cananor Waffle towel is not just a pretty face. After washing, waffle weave towels form small honeycomb-like pockets, creating a larger surface area. This allows the fabric to draw moisture away, versus sort of “pushing the moisture around,” as sometimes can be the case with other towels. Waffle weave towels are more “grippy” than traditional terry. These lovely towels hold 40% less water than the traditional terry and are great companions when you travel back after Onam.

Carrying a little piece of Onam with you since they fold well and can fit easily in closets and washing machines. Whether you’re gifting it to your loved ones or caring for the welfare of your customers. This low storage requirement makes them an ever-popular choice for spas and resorts, and is especially advantageous for the close quarters of boats and yachts, leaving one with abundantly more time for things other than pesky laundry.

We also believe your sense of nurture for your loved ones needs to reflect in the gifts you give them that’s why the Waffle towel exfoliates. The puffy, honeycombed surface provides crevices that create just the right texture for a mini facial and invigorating massage.

Despite their initially rough-looking appearance, the Cananor waffle towels, become incredibly soft and snuggly over time. The Cananor Waffle Thorthu weaves affordance and a cause. We work closely with Kudumbshree units in Kannur for tailoring and embroidery of our products.

September 3, 2022